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Dr. John Summerfield Townsend IV, M.D. was born in Bridgeport, Texas in 1962. He attended medical school at Texas A&M College, from which he received his Doctor of Medicine in 1988.

He has been practicing medicine since 1990. He is a Past Master of Love Field Lodge.

Dr. Townsend is a resident of the Garland, TX with his loving family, wife, Rosa Maria and his three children Deborah, John, and Jeremiah.

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Frequently Asked

How does Veterans Healthcare Alliance differ from the healthcare services provided by the VA?

Veterans Healthcare Alliance contracts with many different healthcare professionals to meet the immediate needs of the veteran community by dramatically reducing and/or eliminating the various barriers and waiting periods typically associated with the VA. 

Does Veterans Healthcare Alliance require a DD-214?

Yes.  Veterans Healthcare Alliance operates independently to meet the needs of our veteran community.  It should also be noted that Veterans Healthcare Alliance treats ALL veterans regardless of discharge status. 

Does Veteran Healthcare Alliance provide Mental Health or just general medicine?

Yes.  Veterans Healthcare Alliance has contracted with numerous specialists to treat the needs of our veterans suffering from stress, anxiety, PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, depression, and addiction.  We currently contract with physicians specializing in psychiatry and psychology as well as licensed professional counselors. 

Does Veterans Healthcare Alliance assist with VA Healthcare Enrollment?

Veterans Healthcare Alliance employs Peer Service Coordinators to assist with navigating the VA enrollment processes. 

How soon can I begin receiving healthcare?

Our staff will work diligently to initiate the process of scheduling an appointment with one of our medical directors to determine your specific needs.  It is our goal to render services as expeditiously as possible.  The typical turn-around time from medical evaluation to initiating treatment is approximately two (2) week. 

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